Product Questions

Are the houseware pieces (like mugs and bowls) food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe?

Yes! Always food and microwave safe, unless specified otherwise. I have put my pieces in the dishwasher before, and had no issues so far. However, to be safe washing by hand is always the best way. 

Will the jewellery pieces tarnish?

No they won't. All pieces are either made out of sterling silver (S925) or stainless steel with a thick vacuum 18k layer of gold. The vacuum process means the gold is securely melted onto the base metal and therefore won't tarnish. Because we believe in our quality, we provide a lifelong guarantee on all jewellery :-)

What does the lifetime guarantee mean?

This means you will get a replacement product, or an item of similar value, no matter when you bought the piece. So that you can wear your jewellery with piece of mind.

Are the pillow cases made out of real silk?

Yes, the pillow cases are made from the highest grade mulberry silk.


Shipping Info

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I can ship worldwide.

Do you accept returns?

This depends per item. Handmade items cannot be returned, whereas other items may be returned when unused. The buyer is responsible for the cost of return shipping. 

Do I have to pay import duties or taxes?

No, when you live in a country where duties or taxes apply I will pay these for you :-)

What is the shipping fee?

We charge a world wide flat fee of £3.95 on orders under £50. Shipping above £50 is free. Express shipping is £5.95 regardless of order value.