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Cherry Cups™ - Fabric Adhesive Bra

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What if there was a bra that was so comfortable, so supportive and so invisible that you forgot you were wearing it at all?


This underwired bra naturally lifts your bust and maximises your figure under tops and dresses - not a single strap in sight! It's a must-have accessory for formal occasions and allows you to wear backless dresses and low-cut tops without sacrificing bust support or coverage.  


A mix of nipple covers and padded bras to give you the support and coverage you need to feel sexy and confident! 

Ready for a party? Simply stick the silicone inner shell to your skin and it will hold everything in place without discomfort. The skin-friendly material maintains its adhesive properties over time; avoid wearing it in warmer temperatures or activities that cause excessive sweating. 

  • 80% nylon / 20% spandex

  • strapless & backless

  • Round neckline with invisible closure

  • Maximum support

  • Moderate coverage


Non-slip design

The inner shell is made of high-quality silicone that moulds to the skin to hold the bust firmly in place and provide flattering support. Avoid wearing it while exercising or in warmer temperatures as excessive sweat will reduce its effectiveness. 

100% seemless 

Don't worry about bumps or wrinkles - this silicone bra is virtually invisible under your clothes. Like a normal padded bra, it offers a moderate amount of coverage but with a smooth and seamless effect. 



Care Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Erin Jones

I was very sceptical at first, but finally decided to buy and use the bra for a festival.

It was 32 degrees and I wore the bra for a total of 16 hours. There was dancing, sweating and sometimes beer was poured over me. Sometimes I was afraid or had the feeling that it would slip, especially because of the sweating, but it stayed where I put it the whole time and it really held perfectly!

I don't know how long the lifespan looks like after wearing and cleaning it several times, but sometimes it just comes down to that one perfect day/evening.

Helen Newton

Bought these pads for a wedding, they stuck great as stated, the hold was great and you hardly felt them at all but still had a very secure, pulled on feeling unlike some strapless bras.
Even after removing and re-tightening, the adhesive was still super durable.
Highly recommended for this price.

Anna Williamson

Simply great for the price!
Lasts perfectly. The best thing is that the skin is not covered with cream or oil.

Claudia Brown

I have only tried the bra on at home, but I can say that the bra sticks really well and gives me a great cleavage. I tried on a few pieces of clothing with it - unfortunately it doesn't fit under everything because I have to stick the bra very far towards my collarbone if I want it to hold my breast (Cup D) well. So far I am thrilled!

Birgit Wilson

Everything worked out great. I was able to dance the night away without a care in the world. :)