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Bye ingrown hairs, dead skin, and flaky tanning.

Transform your skin with the GetGlow Exfoliating Glove! Easily scrub off dead skin and impurities, to achieve smoother, clearer, and healthier skin! It's also the perfect tanning accessory, helping you exfoliate before tanning, and even remove unwanted fake tan. No extra products needed, just add water!

"I exfoliate with a normal glove from the supermarket every day but this glove is wayyy better! So much dead skin was lifted and allowed my skin to breathe. My skin feels so smooth, light and it’s glowing!" Karen W.



- Exfoliates dry and dead skin, leaving you with smoother, softer, and clearer skin. 

- Helps reduce acne, ingrown hairs, stretch marks, and scarring. 

- Stimulates lymphatic drainage and reduces inflammation.

- Promotes collagen and elastin production and accelerates new skin cell creation

- Seamlessly remove fake tan and create a flawless foundation for future (fake) tans

How to use GetGlow?

Simply soak the skin in water and gently go over the desired area. You'll immediately see dead skin going, and velvet skin appearing! 

How does it work?

GetGlow is handmade using an ancient waving technique that bonds natural plant cellulose that allows for gently yet deeply effective exfoliation. Made from 100% natural fibers the exfoliator mitt is parabens and chemical-free. 

Please Note: Skin peeling depends on skin type and visible peeling results are not guaranteed as everyone's skin is different. Skin will be exfoliated regardless if visible peeling occurs. Results vary depending on skin type.

Recommended Usage: Use 1-2 times a week and replace your glove every 6-10 weeks.


100% organic fibre.

Care Instructions

To get the most out of your mitt, make sure to wash properly after use and leave to air dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Brenda Friesen

I’ve used other exfoliating gloves in the past and nothing compares to this one! It is honestly the best exfoliating glove ever, it makes your skin so soft afterwards and you can see all the little dead skin coming off on areas you don’t usually take care of, like my shoulders and inner thighs. Definitely will be buying more in the future!

Sarah Collier

I bought this product for myself and family, I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I am so impressed with it, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. I used to have a few ingrown hairs from shaving my legs but that’s completely gone now. I’m very impressed with the glove and wish I knew about it earlier, 100% recommended you won’t be disappointed, also fabulous customer service.

Nathalie Gordon

I was pleasantly surprised by how the exfoliating mitt actually works! It exfoliated better than any other product I have used (and I've tried them all). Worked great for my dry skin and made the rest of my body feel amazing and glowing. I look forward to using it each week🥰

Kaylie Senger

Omgggg! I absolutely love my exfoliating glove!! A staple in my beauty routine and I’m now not sure why I wasted my time with any other exfoliating glove! My skin has never been softer and I definitely have more of a even skin tone 😍 Even on those hard to reach areas - ie elbows, it’s made such a difference! What a great and easy product you’ve made!! 👏🏽

Rachel Torphy

I was so surprised to see how skinsolutions glove exfoliated my skin and immediately left my skin glowing and soft ! I love this glove🥰 It absolutely works !!!