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HiShine - Loose highlighter powder makeup

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Treat yourself to an instant ultimate glow-up with this HiShine - Loose Highlighter Powder Makeup!

This glittery highlighter stick comes with a convenient puff head that creates an even and perfect shimmer effect with just one swipe. It effectively elevates your makeup look to the next glam level, accentuating your features in a natural way that's sure to be the envy of everyone. And what else? The glitter stick contains a skin-friendly, glittery formula that spreads seamlessly on the skin without irritation. This makes it a safe and stunningly dazzling topper for your face, collarbones, arms, lips, legs, shoulders and even hair. Simply tap the highlighter stick onto your skin until you get the shimmer you want, whether you like it subtle or more eye-catching.


Ultra shimmer effect

A perfect combination of a makeup highlighter and a convenient sponge blush that creates a shimmering glow on the skin with a simple dab. It contains a pearlescent micro powder in 3 stunning, iridescent shades, including pink, pearly white and honey. Each blend can flatter any skin tone and naturally accentuate the facial or body features you want to highlight more. What's more, this glitter pencil will give your entire makeup an effortless boost and ultimate natural glow that will catch everyone's eye.

    Easy to use

    With the smart puff tip, you can apply the shimmer evenly to your skin at any time. Plus, it blends effortlessly and blends seamlessly into your makeup, unlike liquid or spray highlighters that just scatter everywhere. Simply tap the foam tip on your skin to release the glitter powder and create that dreamy shimmer - and you're good to go. This highlighter stick can be used alone or blended to create your desired makeup look. You can apply it less or more times as you like, whether you want a subtle shimmer or an amazing, otherworldly glow.

    Long lasting shine

    Specially blended to give you a beautiful, luminous look with an impressive, long-lasting effect. It offers better adsorption and adheres well to all skin types without fading, melting or transferring to your clothes. You get a high shine that lasts all day and all night to show off your beauty perfectly without having to retouch again and again!

    Safe for all body parts

    Formulated with high quality, skin-friendly ingredients that are safe to use on the face and most parts of the body. It can be used on all skin types including oily, dry, combination and normal skin without causing irritation, allergic reactions or other discomfort. Create a great makeup shimmer with a dab and try it on your face, collarbones, arms, legs and shoulders or sprinkle it in your hair!

      Widely-Used Occasion

      Make yourself stand out in the crowd and dab your skin with this highlighter stick’s ethereal shimmer-effect that everyone would envy. Suitable for weddings, anniversaries, clubbing, parties, festivities, cosplays, photoshoots, dates, birthdays, themed parties, concerts, dance rave and more possibilities. It is designed in a lightweight mini bottle that can be easily stored and carried anytime, anywhere. 



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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 35 reviews
      Dana D'Amore

      These highlighters are GORGEOUS; especially for the money. The white one is my favorite.

      Coralie Purdy


      Percy Schuppe

      i love to look like a glittery fairy, so i smear this stuff everywhere:)

      Eileen Zboncak

      I love it and it's not as sparkly as I thought it would be so it's just right

      Jewel Kuhic

      I love them all, especially the white one that I use daily.