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NeoSkin™ Plasma Pen

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Perfection awaits. 

The NeoSkin™ Plasma Pen is a revolutionary device that allows you to perform complex skincare procedures, which until now were the privilege of the beauty salons and expensive clinics.


Safe and effective

The NeoSkin ™ pen uses advanced German carbon-ionisation technology which ensures a seamless removal of moles, skin tags, freckles, warts, pigmentation, nevus, age spots and small tattoos, without any bleeding or damaging of surrounding skin. Say goodbye to flawed skin and rebuild your confidence.





"It works very well, zapped the last of my 2 tags a few days ago, and the first 6 or so I zapped are now totally gone, as though they were never there." Jenny W.



Say goodbye to expensive visits to your dermatologist.


What's included?

1 x NeoSkin™ Plasma Pen

5 x Fine Needle

1 x Coarse Needle

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Manual

*Not available in stores.

14-day return policy, no questions asked. Please check the FAQ page and Returns Policy below for further info.

Includes Fast track dispatch - Shipped within 24 hours of ordering


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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Kelly Flanders

This is a magic pen. I am so absolutely over the moon happy with this product. I have a few moles that I had checked out at the doctors, I was told that they are not cancerous and to have them removed is purely cosmetic so will cost around £200. I couldn’t afford that so started my own research. Found this little beauty with almost to good to be true comments, having spent more on less in the past I thought let’s give it a go.
I tried the needle point first and zapped a few skin tags they were gone within a day or two. But the one in my pics was on my head was so ugly, I felt old and like everyone was looking at it. I used the silver cone adapter and on level 3 I slowly started bit worried I took it slowly, I zapped until the mole went a bit white and crispy feeling. Then I gave it a couple of days and did it again but the next time I felt more confident and went to level 7. Then the mole went a bit darker and crispy scabbing over. I was going to do a 3rd go over on day 7 but I thought I’d leave it a few more days the last picture is how it is after 10 days. It’s completely gone, I can feel the skin is slightly raised but you can’t see it at all. I’m now going to do my other moles that are unsightly just a little at a time.
It’s not that painful at all, you get used to it, just think of the results.
So happy I found this product
You will not be disappointed

Stephen Taylor

I ordered this product after spending a fair amount of money on a dermatologist. I could not afford to see her again and came across the Plasma Pen online.
I ordered one, it came quickly and I am extremely pleased as it is working well on other moles. After the scabs come off there are the red marks that will dull down eventually. The dermatologist used a numbing cream which I bought and did not use. I used setting 8, probably as I had had a lot done prior. If you are starting from scratch, start at setting 3 and see how it goes. I have already tried the pen on about 30 moles and it has worked, I had to do one of those again. Personally I would be patient, at the start do 1 mole/skin tag and see how it goes, try again if it doesn’t work. Then build up your confidence and do more.
Highly recommended. Good Luck!

Milan Lockman

Ok I was super skeptical and did not trust this product, since it costs so little and then on the internet you never know, they can always find cheats ... Butttt I wanted to try, and only after the first 10-minute treatment, after 24 h I see already good results!!! Thank you!

Steven Bartrick

Bought this about 2 weeks ago mainly to remove some small-medium sized skin tags on my neck, some of which have been there many many years. It works very well indeed, smells a little bit and zapped the last 2 tags a few days ago and the first 6 or so I zapped are now totally gone, as though they were never there. I try to get the root of the tag first, which does sting a bit, then zap the rest of the tag once it's nerves are fried. That all results in a small blackish scab, which heals and falls off after 5-7 days.

The built-in LED light is very handy and I am still on the charge it came with, which I topped up before use. There are 9 power levels but so far I've mainly used level 6, and 7 on the big tag.

Frank Kling

I had two 'skin tags' one on my shoulder and one on my neck - the one on my shoulder was like a tough larger spot, sticking out and flapping about in the wind (well maybe not quite that bad) - been there for years, tried various freezing products that failed.

Got this device, charged it up - followed the instructions, inserting the correct needle for the job into it - basically it burns - so there will be a slight smell of burning, there will be a little smoke and it will sting a little!

However, used the device on the skin tag on my neck (only small) - covered with a plaster and within two weeks it had bit by bit fallen off and now completely vanished!

The other was a little more defensive though, I treated it at the same time - within a couple of weeks probably 50% of it had fall off leaving a much small skin tag - I decided I would attack it again, but would give it some time to heal. This was a good idea! over a period of a month the remaining skin tag just kept getting smaller and smaller.... today all that is left is something that looks like a freckle - very tiny and not easy to find.

So I would highly recommend this, especially if you've tried other methods - it worked for me, probably will for you too.