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PureClean™ - Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Clean brushes - clearer skin. 

73% of women have never cleaned their makeup brush. Ever! Bacteria build-up is a serious issue, ruining your brush, and containing more bacteria than a toilet seat! Is your skin uneven or breaking out? Your brushes might be the issue.



Cleans and dries, without the damage.

Traditional sponges and towels can damage your brushes, whilst trying to remove the dirt and old makeup. The PureClean™ Cleaner uses a patented spinning technique to get rid of dirt and rapid air dry to keep the brush hairs in their best shape. No more waiting for hours to have dry brushes! The USB-chargeable device charges rapidly and can last up to 6 hours.


One size fits all brushes

The silicone collar is expandable so can fit any brush size. Simply attach the brush to the collar, then connect to the device and gently dunk your brush in the cleanser in the bowl. Turn on the device and spin the brush clean in the bowl for about 10 seconds. Lift the brush above the liquid, but still inside the bowl and spin for another 10 seconds to dry. And there you go, your brush is like new!


What is included?

- 1 Silicone Collar

- 1 PureClean™ device
- 1 USB charging cable
- 1 PureClean™ bowl



*Not Available in Stores*

14 Day Money-back Guarantee - not satisfied for whatever reason, just email us and we'll refund you. 


Care Instructions

Customer Reviews

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Emily D.

Such a simple and clever idea! I usually don't clean my brushes very often which I know is not good for my face and eyes. This cute little device will help motivate me to clean them often. :-) Plug in the USB cable to a power adapter. Add water and a tiny bit of soap/cleanser. Press the power button, put in the brushes, gently push them down and move them around like you would use them, then rinse them off in the sink. I just cleaned a bunch of brushes in a couple of minutes which would have taken much longer without the electric cleaner. Highly recommend!

Katharina Ledner

Excellent shopping, brushes come out impeccable and dry to use. Highly recommended

Simon Lang

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It is really easy to use and it does clean brushes very well. My wife loves it.
It works with any wall charger and is super easy to clean.

Shannon Bernhard

I use this for cleaning more than makeup brushes. I have a badger hair brush or two for wet shaving and this works great at cleaning the brush without bedding or matting the hairs down like what happens when hand cleaning them. I also use it to clean some of my forearm brushes and tool attachments. A little isopropyl and it wipes out easy and good as new. Very happy with it.

Harley O'Connell

Everything OK. Thank you.