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iLash™ - Reusable Self-Adhesive Eyelashes

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Buy 2 and get an extra 25% off your 2nd pair! 

The last pair of lashes you'll ever buy.

We all know it. Applying fake eyelashes is an art in itself, it's time-consuming and requires a steady hand. But no more with the newest iLash™ self-adhesive eyelashes! The set can be used over and over again, making them the most sustainable fake lashes on the market. 

No harsh chemical glue or toxic magnets

Traditional fake lashes need glue or use magnets to stick to your eyelid, which can cause allergic reactions or infections. The patented technique by iLash™ uses body heat activation to make the lashes stick, leaving no residue and non-allergic.



3 seconds application

The unique technology makes it possible to apply your lashes within seconds! Simply remove it from its holder, adjust the size and length if needed and apply. Saving you time and effort in your make-up routine.

Human-grade lash fibre

The iLash eyelashes have a nice curling radian and blend seamlessly with real lashes, making your eyes bigger and more glamourous. They are as natural as your real eyelashes without the feeling of heavy fake lashes. 

*Not Available in Stores*

14 Day Money-back Guarantee - not happy? Drop us an email and we'll refund you, no questions asked!


Synthetic fiber

Care Instructions

Wash after use with gentle soap and leave to air-dry

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Jude Johns

These are surprisingly good. I tried them on when i got them and they are very natural looking. Hopefully they are long lasting as well

Kim Freeman

I love these easy to use lashes. They are not over the top and just look like I used mascara. Have worn the first pair twice already. Great size, did not have to trim them like I do with so many others. I have alopecia and had no lashes left. These make me fee beautiful again

Ashleigh Rippin

I can not love these more! Outstanding natural look, not too long, not too short. I get compliments from complete strangers who are trying to figure out if they are my natural lash! The adhesive keeps them on all day and does not rip your skin off at night when removed! Please do not stop making or carrying this product!

Hailey Jones

I highly recommend this product!!! Never felt so much confidence wearing an lashes before!! They stick perfectly and you can actually reuse them again!!! Worth the money!! I am buying them in a regular bases now on.

Olivia Hermiston

I did really like them - my daughter (25) put them on for me - pretty sure I wouldn't be able to do it myself. They looked nice! Stayed on all night. Didn't need any extra glue at all.
Came off only when I took them off.